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July 24, 2007 / compassioninpolitics

Organizing Politics, Media, and Teamwork with Web 2.0 Tools and Technologies

The Huffington Post assembled a group of folks to blog the debate and fact check the debate.    We used Campfire and PBWiki to collaborate.  This was a great exercise.   Here are my takeaways….  

Virtual Collaboration = Good. This collaborative process was a lot of fun, very personal, and everyone in our virtual media watch room agreed it was a great experience.

Rocking Collaboration Technology!  I highly recommend both Campfire and the PBWiki is exploding with bells and whisltes to make it a true multi-media.  They have a very easy to use “how-to” video that guides you through the easy to use tech.  Also, 25 Ways to Use PB Wiki may inspire some ideas about wiki use.

Self-organizing Woes-Unfortunately, since this was so new, we didn’t have any model for what they were looking for.  I wrote for the lower part of a wiki, and other folks wrote for the top half–so there was a little bit of disconnect.  I didn’t feel folks needed my editorial voice to click on links.

No Model-A model or simple instructions (2-7) detailing what you need is imperative for high quality, consistent looking materials.

Just a tip-I arrived about an hour early in one of the three collaborative chat rooms, which allowed us sketch out formal responsibilities.  This was critical.

Have you had any experience good, bad, or indifferent with collaboration technology?  Campfire?  Something from Google or 43 folders?  Do you think this technology could be better used in a particular area?  Have a great link about its potential or taking advantage of it?

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