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July 29, 2007 / compassioninpolitics

Are you “Chasing the Lion?”

I read Mark Batterson’s In the Pit with a Lion earlier this summer, in a blisteringly fast two days. It’s rather inspiring and thought provoking. Mark juxtaposes vivid stories with re-flective commentary that make the intertangled web of narratives touch your life in a very direct way. So, upon reading this lion chasing manifesto, I’ve been trying out a few small lions and have come up against a couple rough hairballs in my quest.


I’ve been chasing the lion, but don’t where to chase the lion now. What tactics should I use to chase my lion? How should I go about seeking out a model lion chaser who can pass along helpful hints for my lion chase? How do I know if I’m chasing the right lion? Have I chosen a God ordained lion? Or chosen a lion thats appropriate to my God given strengths? Or am I chasing penguins and porcupines, when i should be chasing the lion?


Sometimes it feels like I’m chasing a horde of lions, because I can’t decide on which lion is best. I’m paralyzed a bit….actually a lot. Does God want me to take a step back and pause….or is it better to chase ever more furiously. Do I need to re-think the frame or approach I’m taking to lion chasing altogether? Is it always time to chase lions?

Unfortunately, I’ve also chased my lion to the expense of people around me. I’ve become so wrapped up in my vision. Sometimes our vision can cloud our understanding, listening, and compassion for our friends and families. The emotionall wrechage and unadulterated pain that has insued from pastors in this context is all too vivid for someone who is close to the damage wrought in West Tennessee that made national headlines last year.


Well there is no shortage of lions in my life…I just hope I can spear a couple. Its BBQ-ing season afterall, and being from the South, I heart BBQs. Eat up ya’ll and soak in a tasty kernel of insight and wash it down with some sweet tea goodness. I can just smell it in the air…

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