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August 16, 2007 / compassioninpolitics

Can Common Ground be found on Abortion? 7 Possible Ways Forward

We’re a nation at war, but oddly enough it seems that no issue highlights the ideological divide in America more than the abortion issue.  While our sons and daughters are in Iraq, the cultural divide that is bubbling below the surface is polarizing.It seems that despite our ideological divide that solutions to the complex issues still have to be found.  

These women can’t be ignored and they can’t be swept under the rug and they can’t be told to be silent.  So if the America of the blue states and the red states truly care about a solution to the schisms that pervade the politics of the abortion issue, the Search for Common Ground have come up with 7 key personal and policy issues that could form the groundwork for some common ground on the issue that transcend the ideological antagonism and cynicism that pervades this hot botton issue:

1. Promoting both male and female sexual responsibility
2. Fostering equality and respect for women
3. Strengthening parent-child communication
4. Reducing the number of teen pregnancies
5. Improving prenatal and maternal care
6. Supporting and funding the choice of adoption
7. Working together to remove the conditions that lead to abortion 

So what do you think?   Is common ground viable?  Are there other issues that serve as a springboard for viable common ground?What do you think about this quote from Becky Garrison in Red and Blue God, Black and Blue Church, “If we truly want to follow the teachings of Christ, let’s put down the picket signs and download a copy of this manual.  it seems to me we’d be all better off dialoging instead of demonstrating?” 



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  1. compassioninpolitics / Aug 16 2007 8:22 am

    Ok…so WordPress is enjoying hiding all my carriage returns…..

  2. ovank / Apr 4 2008 9:21 pm


  3. Alexis Sixela / Oct 12 2008 9:15 pm

    What happens in an abortion? Do the souls go directly to Paradise? Do they have to relocate to another woman? Do they have to wait in line for another body or do they have a choice?
    I know so little about the consequences of abortion that I don’t think I am qualified to have a valuable opinion.
    Alexis Sixela

  4. Nathan Friend / Mar 11 2010 10:22 pm


    A quick addendum:

    I should have put quotations around the word “solutions” because we both know there are no quick solutions. The Western World will probably have to be humbled by their own fiscal irresponsibility before they largely turn back to Christ. That is the pattern I see in Old Testament history. I do not know enough about the history of revivals to speak more authoritatively on this issue though.


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