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August 22, 2007 / compassioninpolitics

You Tube and New Media as a means of social protest

pingnewscom426164373_5fa9c84a1f.jpg The History of Political Protest and WhistleblowingIt used to be that social protest was limited to a) a letter to a prominent government official b) civil disobedience in the civic square c) crossing district lines d) voting. Now YouTube offers folks of all ages, genders, religions, and ethnicities a platform–and a visual and global one at that to express their feelings about inefficiency and injustice. Its like a digital bullhorn…..but in technicolor and sometime with a swanky soundtrack. The political future is increasingly open and digitalGovernment and corporations beware: the age of citizen journalism and broadcast is here and this is only the opening act. Citizen protesters and social changers, your bag of tools and tactics just got significantly larger, so take due advantage. Nashville parents proved this when they set up this blog with YouTube videos and got local media attention. You are in control or are you?Even without a change in policy this movement has been effective by bringing attention to the issue. Wonder if it will change the policy? If not, perhaps the next step is more distribution & activating those folks to take action. Thoughts? Have you heard of campaigns like this? Success or no? Want to know more about the new media revolution? (click here)

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