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September 23, 2007 / compassioninpolitics

“Don’t taze me bro!”, Chris Crocker, and the rise of the e-celebrity

The E-celebrity and 15 Seconds of Fame:
News has officially become You-Tubeized. If the CNN/YouTube debates and the Virginia Tech shootings didn’t do it, certainly the latest police brutality incident at the University of Florida did. At the intersection of train wrecks, pop culture, and identity we have a new cultural wall paper that is increasingly written in the language of viral videos. What portends of a society so plugged into amateur videos? Certainly it opens up the possibility of shedding light on abusive behaviors in our public square, our workplaces and beyond. However, is there a cultural blowback to all of this 15 second celebrity-dome.

The E-learning Queen looks at the cultural and educational implications of the rise of the e-celebrity. While, I didn’t agree with her conclusions, I enjoyed her analysis near the end of her post.


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