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September 26, 2007 / compassioninpolitics

Anti-war protest from Abilene Christian featured as Photo of the Week at the Nation

The photographs from Kendall Ball at ACU are quite striking. I would recommend you check them out here!

And here I thought all Texans were pro-war…   Congrats to Kendall!

You can check out more of Kendall’s work here on flickr.

I thought the sage words from an interview of yale theology professor Miroslav Volf in the Wittenburg Door seem to apply to our otherizing and dehumanizing war practices:

“Because the ultimate goal of human life is a community of love in the embrace of the Triune God.   Any action or institution that seeks to eliminate, assimilate, and dominate or simply abandon the other–any exclusionary practice–is sinful;it trangresses against the goal for which God has created humanity and therefore against the will of God.  Because Christians believe that God is love, they must believe that exclusion is a fundamental sin.”

What do you think of Kendall’s photography?  What do you think of Volfs words? Do you agree with the ideology?  Is non-violence the answer in all cases?

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