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September 28, 2007 / compassioninpolitics

Don’t buy the snake oil. Skipping the NAACP debate is a GOP pattern. The ghosts of Katrina and Jena 6 are still with us.

No one to my knowledge has mentioned that skipping a debate before racial minorities at the NAACP has been a pattern this election cycle. Jeffery Feldman, author and blogger, pointed to this picture of the July NAACP debate. If the excuse that they were busy hardly rings true. Also, the fact that they had the opportunity to speak to 30%+ of the population as well as the PBS viewing audience proves that

  • either don’t care or don’t think minorities are worth their time
  • or couldn’t provide honest and effective answers to the types of concerns minorities would pose
  • when you have conflicts, you generally try to purpose an alternative.
  • alternativly showing up for the NAACP should be vigorously pursued as an opportunity. Instead they literally wrote it off with the excuse “i’m too busy” with other people I care more about.

Clearly, the GOP has dramatically fallen from its role as the party of Lincoln. In a world in which diversity is no going away and continues to increase, we need political actors who can speak to and deal with issues of a multi-cultural world at home and abroad. Neglect is fundamentally not an option. Isn’t this pattern of ignoring minority concerns what led to the disaster that rocked New Orleans and the nation in Katrina. Has the lesson of Katrina been forgotten even as we deal with the racially tense repercussions of the Jena 6 conflict. Minority concerns deserve something more than second class status if we are to live up to the Constitutional promise of the 14th Amendment and a just democracy.UPDATE:  To me this is a bit like skipping out on the midterm exam for a class by claiming “to be busy” and still walking on graduation day.  I think journalists should force them to answer these questions in other forums.  Hold them accountable for their negligence. 

For more information on the issue check out: 
Tennessee Guerilla Women

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