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October 11, 2007 / compassioninpolitics

Stand Up and Speak Out about Poverty and Inequality


These folks have a YouTube channel and are launched a Twitter and even a PodCamp. How’s that for groundbreaking? Chris Brogan has great coverage. Mahalo has a pretty decent rundown of some sweet poverty resources.

This is a problem internationally and domestically. More locally, Richard Florida in his book the Creative Class warns:

“The top 1 percent of households earned 20 percent of all income and held 33 percent of all net worth. The US hasn’t witnessed an income gap like this since the Gilded Age.”

Dave Richards thinks the answer is micro-finance. What do you think? Is microfinance a viable solution domestically and internationally? What model is best?


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  1. Kat / Nov 16 2007 9:26 am

    Micro-lending does work in developing nations; the repayment rate is high, default rate is low. Access to credit helps entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses, creating the opportunity to arise out of poverty.

    Please read my article, Microcredit versus Microfinance found here:

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