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October 11, 2007 / compassioninpolitics

Whose afraid of abortion, stem cells, and religion?


Can we establish a “Bridge Across Troubled Waters?” Well here’s hoping we can. In fact, here’s tangible proof we can. Yesterday people from “with backgrounds in the National Association of Evangelicals and People for the American Way” gathered to present a pragmatic vision for a way forward forward across five key salient public issues:

Come Let Us Reason Together outlines new, common-ground approaches on the toughest cultural matters, including abortion, gay and lesbian issues, the treatment of human embryos, and the role of religion in the public square.

As a political imperative open dialogue is needed to bridge the perceived divides of ideology, ethnicity, and difference. The need for common ground in the increasingly partisan political landscape is imperative if we are to have nurturing communities and innovative public policy that meets the needs our changing society.

For coverage from Katie Barge at Faith in Public Life check out their blog here. You can also check out short clips of the launch.

Click here to get Come Let Us Reason Together: A Fresh Look at Shared Cultural Values between Evangelicals and Progressives to see these new political and social alliances formed on these usually rhetorically barbed issues.

I will publish issue coverage of the issues, including fatherhood and children online, later this afternoon. So is there a Third Way? Is there a way forward? Do you agree with the faith-based analysis?

thanks to Owen B. for the flickr photo

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