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October 17, 2007 / compassioninpolitics

Margaret Feinberg is my inspiration of the day (aka she rocks!)

I picked Margaret Feinberg‘s 25 Year Old Crisis up on amazon and it was very helpful during turbulent personal and spiritual time in my life. I showed up to National Community Church on a otherwise regular sunday morning to see Margaret Feinberg on our big movie screen (fyi-NCC meets in a movie theatre) to hear her alway funny, always nurturing message. Recently, while reading UnChristian I was inspired by her mini-essay in “Sheltered.” In some ways its terribly simple, yet liberating:

Relationship. Talk to people. Anyone. Everone. Ask questions. Lots. Listen closely to the answers. Open up your life to strangers, visitors, and friends of friends. Turn on the television; surf the web. You don’t need to become a full-blown couch potato or mouse potato to be aware. Oh year, and buy a subscription to the New Yorker.

Then wake up to the cold reality that you’re part of the plan. You have a role in this generation, not only receiving the baton of faith but passing it on to the next generation. You have a role in preserving the earth, protecting the poor, defending the exploited. We need you. In particular, we need you to be aware, learn, grow–spiritually, relationally, culturally–because we can’t do it without you.

I hope you find Margaret’s words as inspiring as I do….sometimes its as simple as “A Walk Across the Room”

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  1. Anna Andersn / Oct 18 2007 1:53 am

    I love that it is really that simple to be part of something bigger than ourselves. Ms. Feinberg’s words are inspiring – thanks for sharing them.

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