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November 29, 2007 / compassioninpolitics

Facebook in the Local Context

facebook2054313514_5c7e426dd0.jpgWhile I was doing research for my recent post on the hyperlocal, I checked out Dave Barger‘s blog which points to a dramatic city by city breakdown of use and the dramatic increase in use of Facebook in 7 regional cities over a 7 day period, including his hometown of Memphis, TN:fbchart.gifWow! From 7.3% in Las Vegas to 19.0% of the population in Raleign Durham on Facebook. Thoughts? (I wonder what level the use in San Fransisco, DC, and Nashville is at)UPDATE:There are 83, 845 Facebook users in NashvilleThe population of Nashville is 607, 413 (consolidated) and 552,120 (balanced) So based on those numbers 13.8% of Nashvillians (consolidates) and 15.2% of Nashvillians (balanced) are using Facebook.  And I’m sure those numbers are growing at a rate similar to the cities in the above chart.(image credit: Terry Chay)


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