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November 30, 2007 / compassioninpolitics

Statsaholics Anonymous: On saying no to personal ego, time sucks, and the Technorati monster….

technorati34909521_eb66c18b16.jpg  Pastor Rob Singleton is saying no to Technorati.  Technorati is one way blog reads and bloggers can track blog “authority” and influence.  Rob Singleton is stepping away, with fairly extensive reasons including that its somewhat arbitrary and inaccurate as well as the following rationales:


There are a variety of ways that technorati sucks you in:

  • your ego (what’s my authority today?)
  • your pride (why aren’t they linking to me? Where’s the love?)
  • your time (I’ve spent more time on technorati then some do on personal hygiene!)
  • your paranoia (maybe the techsters have it out for me)
  • your computer savvy (seriously, technorati goes down so much [they refer to it as the technorati monster getting away] that I spent a third of my time on it trying to figure out if they lost my blog!)
  • your sense of fairness (there is no rhyme or reason to technorati’s authority junk)

I’ve struggled with the same issue over the last couple of months. I check my hit stats and technorati rank far, far more than I should. [the words like a crackhead come to mind] I need to write, blog, and connect with more purpose and reason. I like Rob’s suggestion also because it just makes common sense for those who are interested in Getting things Done and productivity. I personally hope that Rob’s personal change starts a small movement of sorts. At the very least I’m going to try to do my part. So, I’m personally going to try to ween myself away from my obsession.Your Thoughts and Personal Reflections:  Thoughts?  What’s your technorati?  What has your ego?  What sucks your time or mind away like a vacuum? What do want to do to put it down? I guess with New Years coming up soon, talking about such things makes great sense.  (image credit: niall kennedy


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