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November 30, 2007 / compassioninpolitics

Using Social Media for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) via Social Media Optimization

Beth Kanter, nonprofit tech consultant and social media guru, asked an SEO question on her nonprofit technology blog:

When you do a google search on this person’s name, my blog posts come up first and lower hers! I looked at the results and I’m number 2. Number 1 is another blogger. Many of the rest of entries on the next few pages are references to this campaign, including some — ugh – splogs.

So how can SEO or social media help? The question made me think, how does social media specifically effect SEO? And which social media network gets the most bang

1) My WordPress Blog
2) Linked in
3) Ning
4) Amazon profile
5) Digg
6) Another Ning
7) My Care 2
8] (social media overload anyone????)
9) Comments I’ve made on other blogs that are Linked to my blog

What did I learn:

Social media can definitely have a direct effect on your branding and the scope of your impact online. Linked in and blogging are particuarly helpful in branding, as are comments linked to your blog [note the number of results you get here are also dependent on the types of comment links the individual blogger allows] In other results for other search terms, MyBlogLog and BlogCatalog often show up high too, which is can help magnify your branding online.

Test your name out. What results do you get? Any social media optimization tricks? Can you suggest any social spaces that are particularly helpful in this regard?

So, if you have great, cool, or unique info on your blog or an awesome product or service service…(or hopefully the tri-fecta) perhaps social media can help you in your attempts to connect with people online.
Note: this won’t hold true for everyone and for every keyword. In fact my delicious account has a name of “dcmusicfusion” instead of Nathan Ketsdever and I’m curious why my MySpace and Facebook don’t show up higher in the ranks (because they should be very link heavy). I think for most people they do.

As a pre-empt, this does seem at tension with my recent post about twitter, however I think your identity online is different than you day to day stats or technorati ranking.


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  1. Jay Catler / Feb 16 2008 7:39 am

    yes, Social Media ideal tool for seo

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