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December 4, 2007 / compassioninpolitics

My first one to one blog and social media consulting is today…

I’m excited. My grandparents have attended Crieve Hall Church of Christ as dedicated members for over twenty five years and have had a relationship with the church since 1964. My grandmother’s preacher Bill Watkins and a pastoral assistant Andrew Leeper are both passionate about the word and are interested in receiving technical knowledge about the so-called “social media space” including blogging and web 2.0 interactivity. I have one other meeting scheduled later this week to help and am looking to widen that number in an effort to help bridge the generational and culture gaps with web technology.

Your Journey and Reflections:
I’m interested to hear your opinion. What do you find to be the biggest challenges of blogging and the social media space? [you don’t have to be Andrew Keen or Dooce to know there are struggles] Alternatively, what are your favorite parts or favorite experiences? Or what is your blogging story?

My Crazy Journey through Social Media and Blogging:
Mine seems more like a random series of crazy events…but here goes: Its pretty crazy to think that someone from Asian (and probably Singapore) read my blog after I tracked back to Mitch Joel after he did a conference in Asia and its even crazier to think that someone from South Africa read and commented on my blog. And these are events I know about without the help of google analytics or a geographical map feature (which is soooo the next addition to my blog). I talked in forums to second life pastors in Australia. And I was added to the rotating blogroll at Swerve (the biggest church in the country Lifechurch.Tv). And just this last week I got some link love from Rex and social media guru JD Lasica. For being so young in the blogging part of the space–to me thats pretty cool. Not to mention, I’ve gotten a lot of link love from the Nashville blogging scene in the Music City Bloggers and Volunteer Voters (and all the Nashville readers like Newscoma and Ginger who dredge through my occassionally typo-rich texts) If I failed to mention Travis M, from Maryland who writes for Relevant and Lifted Magazine like it was his job I would be remiss and a host of other folks who read and comment and even lurk. This just scratches the surface. The metaphor of the social web is alive and well. I think one of the projects that epitomizes it is the Twitter Mosaic. The twitter mosaic compiles individual Twitter pictures of people who are following him/her in a mosaic. This month’s Twitter mosaic is of college football.

Nathan Ketsdever Nashville New Media and Blog Consultant


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