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January 31, 2008 / compassioninpolitics

30+ Top Flickr Hacks for Bloggers, Photographers, and Creative Commons Lovers

Getting the Most Out of Your Flickr Experience:

Flickr hacks are so cool and make your life much easier. Enclosed you will find 30+ flickr hacks, tips, and how-tos. Actually I link to 21 of them. Anyway here they are:

• Tag photos and blog posts with emotions. So few people do that and only tag objects or subjects, yet having the emotions tagged for flickr photos, blog posts, and video is critical to finding the info again. (I’m sure everyone from Robert Scoble to Dave Weinberger would agree)

• Searching “bw” is your friend to find black and white photos. (some black and white photos and even more black and white photos under creative commons license)

• The creative commons photos and art is easy to use via advanced search.


• Learn the difference between different types of creative commons license for content. I like to add “show other stuff” which includes art.

• If you are a Flickr user or a blogger, put your content under partial or full creative commons license. That makes it easier to travel and people are more likely to find it and post it with their content. I noticed that even John Edwards campaign capitalized on this.

• Always double check your photos to make sure they are under the correct creative commons license.

• This one is worth the price of admission: Use your or social bookmarking account to save your best creative commons photos.

• I use the tag “flickr” for all these photos, but “creativecommons” is probably much better. Its cool, because gives you a neat 1.25 x 1.25 picture of your photo–very helpful. (I have upwards of 430 photos saved on my account) This tip is particularly helpful if you are trying to create a powerpoint or keynote presentation using flickr.

• Be smart. As a general rule, after each Flickr download session, store all your flickr photos together in one folder. Otherwise your organization will look like spaggetti (aka a nightmare for your mind and your productivity and people will make fun of your desktop)

• Always, always, always attribute. Its very easy and its a return of the favor of someone creating a great design. (this was a mistake I made for about 2-3 weeks)

• Of course picking out and friending and chatting and networking Flickr users that you respect or look up to always helps. It never hurts to ask for suggestions about tools, method, or subjects whether via comment or email.


• Or perhaps your inspired by the tag cloud of popular Flickr tags.

• Epic Edit’s 87 best photography blogs and feeds is helpful for finding fantastic blogs to watch and learn from.

• Strategic PR has 10 Fabulous Flickr Hacks that look like fun.

• Want to find your Flickr DNA? Rexblog has your easy design savvy answer.

• For hardcore Flickr users, Thomas Hawk’s Top 10 Flickr hacks should prove to be very helpful.


• Social bookmarking this list of hacks and any other key tips on is great for productivity, education, and design.

• Or you may prefer Skellie’s Complete Guide to Finding and Using Incredible Flickr Images (BTW: thanks to Skellie for heads up on two of the above photos)

• For other resources check out this fantastic list of flickr tips and tools for everybody from introductory to advanced flickr users.

• Of course you want to spread the word about your flickr photos using, stumbleupon, mixx, and digg.

Upcoming: reviews of Now is Gone, Join the Conversation, and Social Media Ready. Stay tuned or subscribe to my RSS feed for free.

Any more flickr hacks, tools, or suggestions? Whats your favorite? Any of you flickr power users or photographers have any?

(photo credits: sunset from chewy chua, bubble from hamed saber, tornado from ping news, and ready, set from meg elizabeth, and panarama by panoramas)


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  1. Jason McElweenie / Jan 31 2008 10:04 pm

    Great post on some great Flickr tools. I love the search friendly aspect of it. Its seems photos are indexed in no time in Google


  1. 30+ Top Flickr Hacks for Bloggers, Photographers, and Creative Commons Lovers. | - Photography Blog

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