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February 2, 2008 / compassioninpolitics

Time: Answering objections to blogging and social media

This is probably the most common objection to social media adoption and corporate blogging. Marshall Kirkpatrick from Read/Write Web answers this question here:

With practice, familiarity and technology fine-tuned with a little experience you’ll find the time required will decrease.

You might consider this time spent on marketing or communication with existing customer base – perhaps there’s something else in that department that isn’t working well and could be replaced with online work.

Here are some key reasons I would add to the list:

Technical Solutions Solve the Time Issue:
• Some of the best posts are short and pithy. Much blogging can be done by adopting other content.
• Jott and Utterz offer mobile solutions, for easy blogging.
• Qik and other platforms offer mobile video options.
• Blackberry’s and Palms offer great ways to blog in transit.
• Network with other organizations in your field for business opportunities.
• You can blog for as little as an hour a week.

The Time Brings Great Return on Investment
• A CEO’s main job is communication (thanks Debbie Weil)
• Establish yourself as a thought leader with clients and businesses.
• Create a better product. It’s a free form of online focus group. A better product is worth it.
• Blogging allows you to draw on the wisdom of crowds.
• Blogging results in a net time saving, given you won’t spend so much time on email.
• Learning from industry leaders and listening to your customers is well worth it.
• The digital marketplace is where people increasingly live.
• Search engine optimization advantages of blogging help justify time.
• Time you will be save by using Backpack or Company Wikis.
• Do you have an hour and a half? You can blog for as little as an hour and a half a week.
• Self-actualization, passion, and creativity.
• You already have content for a blog.
• Once you get started your will want to blog.

Thoughts? Can you add any? Can you re-frame any? What are the best three of the bunch? Have you experienced this objection? What did you say?


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