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February 24, 2008 / compassioninpolitics

David Fitch: Christianity, Leftist Reformism, and Obama

David Fitch at Reclaiming the Mission proclaims:

I know some expect me to get on the Obama bandwagon, especially those who know of my criticisms of the current president. Yet I continue to want to press for the church to be the primary political instrument of true justice in the world. The church must be FIRST as initiator for social justice, from which we can then push for governmental cooperation.

(h/t to Revolution in Jesusland and Jesus Manifesto)

Read the rest at Reclaiming the Mission or the above links. Thoughts?

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  1. Shlomo / Feb 25 2008 9:46 pm


    Hey Nathan,

    This post is really starting to make the rounds I see. I have followed the trail from RIJ to the Jesus Manifesto to here and read several comments including Tony Jones’. I tend to agree with David and Mark rather than Tony that the church should “be the primary political instrument of true justice in the world.” I sort of think that Tony is trying to be a bit more pragmatic in saying that all spheres are GOD’s, but it was/is GOD’s purpose to use the church to demonstrate His character in the world.

    I think there is a measure of confusion in the discussion between the kingdom and the revolution. Unlike many of my former comrades, I am not looking for the revolution. I like many things about Sen. Obama, but in the long hual I know that he represents only a limited change. Secular government, no matter how noble and just, can only serve our material needs. The church has the exclusive privilege of bearing the character and the presence of GOD into our physical world. Tony is right that history testifies against the church being the panecea for all our problems, but without the church, and its unique function, there truly is no hope for a better life.

    We need to recover a proleptic vision wherein we can speak propheticly to the principalities and powers and announce the reality of the kingdom in the here and now.


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