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May 19, 2008 / compassioninpolitics

The I Heart Revolution from Hillsong United

The Revolution will Be On YouTube and MySpace?

The I Heart Revolution was launched last fall by the Christian music group Hillsong United and I just ran across the video trailer after popping over from Relevant Magazine.

The design work onpoint and I like how they spliced together the audio with Martin Luther King and what sounds like Bono. Its well worth the two minutes to soak it all in.

You can check out The I Heart Revolution webpage or The I Heart Revolution MySpace (which actually seems to be a pretty big part of the social media & community part of this campaign)

My Reservations about The Revolution:

The only downside is….I’m not sure what the Revolution entails except the mission statement outlined in the video and posting a badge (which are pretty commercial flashy banner ads, which I can’t see posting on my blog or My Space. I think they should have opted for something like their very nice Love backgrounds, that I would be glad to post here if I had an embedd code and the download wasn’t screwed up) on a MySpace or blog. It would be cool if they outlined specific tactics to implement the missions or at least resources that pointed you in that direction, similar to Cool People Care which provides daily tips by blog and email. That not withstanding, fantastic work. Its cool to see other bands taking the message of change to the streets, or in this case the digital masses.

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  1. Sam Davidson / May 27 2008 8:39 pm

    Thanks for the mention. Glad you enjoy our work. We recently released a free downloadable study guide for our book, New Day Revolution.

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