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December 28, 2008 / compassioninpolitics

Christian Business Ethics Principles from High School Sports Teams

Learning Christian Business Ethics through Ethics in Team Sports

These are the principles of the David Lipscomb high school ladies’ volleyball team. Thanks to Steve Little, a professor in the college of business at David Lipscomb University for passing them along. Please link, copy, and share this list with others.

Glorifying God through Volleyball 2008:

• Be honest with each other
TRUST in your teammates
• Don’t talk about your teammates
• Mean it when you say “Good Game”
• Always stay positive
• Do EVERYTHING for the Lord
• Help each other out
• Cheer people up when they are down
• Don’t put your teammates down
• Encourage each other in a positive way
• Be one united team
• Encourage the younger girls (to do their best) and have a good attitude
• Have GREAT sportsmanship
Respect each other and have team unity
• Include everyone 9-12
Pray before and after every game
• Have a good attitude even if something doesn’t go our way during a game
• Put others before ourselves
• If you won don’t rub it in their faces

Christian Business Ethics Principles
Honest on Bible Gateway
Trust on Bible Gateway


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  1. TexasCowboy / Dec 29 2008 5:58 pm

    Who knew volleyball principles could be applied to the US Government, or at least they should be. Nice blog!

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