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January 3, 2009 / compassioninpolitics

Business as Mission Best Practices

Best Practice for Business as Mission and Kingdom Entrepreneurs

Justin Case, an experienced business as mission entrepreneur writes:

What we learned

After our two years came to an end, we could reflect on God’s incredible leading in our lives and identify what worked for us. These are not rules to “tentmake” by, just what worked for us. God is infinitely creative in using our specific personalities, characteristics and talents for His glory.

• Practice hospitality! Do not think your home must be spotless, but do make it available for guests.
• Invite everyone who stops to talk to you in everyday life to your home. Everyone will not come, but pray that the ones who do are real seekers.
• Do your work with such integrity that it demands an explanation of your faith
• Hand out an outline of the Bible study with room for notes that your friends can take home with them for further study.
• Sing lots of songs, get a Karaoke machine if you have to.
• Share not only your faith but also your life, your family, your persona.
• Be there for your friends, make time for them.
• Ask & pray for real prayer requests making room for God’s miracles in everyday life.
• Have books and tapes available for lending. (Our bookshelf was very intriguing to our friends.)
• When out in the community, make friends with people in the market, the bank, the police station, the post office etc.
• People love to have an opportunity to practice their English skills, let them!
• Spend special holidays with your friends, invite them to spend your holidays with you! Explain why you celebrate these days.
• Your passion, God’s glory!

Justin concludes by suggesting:

May this outline serve as a guide to your tentmaker ministry:

INTENT – as you go…make disciples

INTEGRITY – do your work in such a way that it demands an explanation of your faith

INTEGRATE – learn to integrate work and ministry seeing “work as ministry”

Business as Mission Resources:
(to be added)

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