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January 3, 2009 / compassioninpolitics

Christian Micro-enterprise Development and David Bussau

Christian Micro-Enterprise Development: David Bussau of Opportunity International on Christ-Centered Micro-Enterprise

Femail in Austrailia points out:

Bussau challenged the conventional thinking that poverty is inevitable and hopeless. Instead he adopted a view that there are many creative and talented people among the poor and they do not have to be perpetual dependents.

“Each of us has the capacity to be incredibly productive and those who realise this are the ones who make the difference in the world,” says Bussau. “For me the challenge is to find ways to release that incredible potential in human beings, to enable that creative force and drive to be expressed.”

Recognising that the key to building any small business is access to credit, OI has distributed over one million loans since it began nearly 30 years ago. Since 1997, OI has created more than 2.4 million jobs and in 2003 alone the organisation distributed over $200 million to 700,000 loan recipients creating or sustaining over 920,000 jobs.

According to the World Bank, by tackling the causes of poverty at the grass roots, this method has proven to be one of the most effective and sustainable ways to solve poverty. A Manchester University study has shown that for each job created, on average six people are permanently taken out of poverty and 13 people in the community benefit, so over five million people were potentially helped by OI in 2003 alone.

He wrote Christian Micro-enterprise Development a book about Christian micro-finance. Given that Amazon is out at the time of printing this free google books version of Christian Micro-enterprise Development might prove helpful.

Other Christian Missions and Christian Micro-enterprise Development Resources:

Learning about Micro-enterprise Five Talents has a Micro-enterprise development library.

Networking for Christian Micro enterprise Business as Missions Network Connect with Christians who use their faith in enterprise.

Christian Micro-Enterprise/Social Enterprise Training Chalmers Center at Covenant Collge [they have some interesting resources as well]

Social Enterprise Business Plans A free online book (aka training tutorial) about how to create social entrepreneurial business plans.

Micro-finance Training and Education Online Christian Micro-enterprise Development Training Course

Micro-enterprise and Social Entreprenerial Case studies Available at the SE Alliance.

Micro finance and Micro lending Whitepapers: Micro capital Institute Whitepapers (although I’m looking for whitepapers with a little more depth)

Micro finance Bibliography If you scan down halfway on this page this is an extensive bibliographical resource on Christian micro-finance.

David Bussau’s Nonprofit Organization Opportunity International

Christian Micro-Enterprise Development Organization Hope International in Lancaster, PA

Opportunity Internationals Micro-E project OptinNow. End Global Poverty. Faster. (its similar to Kiva in that its peer to peer micro-finance)

Another Christian Microenterprise End Poverty (although I don’t know much about this organization)

What can you share about Christian micro-enterprise and development? organizations? resources? ideas? books or articles?


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  1. Mcrist / Jan 6 2009 7:53 pm

    Thanks for this post on Christian MED! It’s very helpful to have a solid list of resources and information to refer to on this topic. I’d also like to suggest 2 additional resources that your readers can check out:
    -The Chalmers Center @ Covenant College is an excellent resource for those looking to learn more about Christian MED.

    -HOPE International, a Christ-centered MED organization based out of Lancaster, PA.

    Both of these should definitely be included in any list of ‘Who’s Who’ in Christian Microenterprise Development!

  2. compassioninpolitics / Jan 7 2009 6:22 am

    Thanks Mcrist for those resources. I will add them to the list!

  3. My name is Jules Kazungu, Coordinator of Great Lakes Center for Culture, Peace and Development(GLCPD). I am christian in Rwanda Country. The aim is to promote sustainable peace and community development in this region in war conflicts. I need partnership with my organization and your. Which conditions?


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