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January 7, 2009 / compassioninpolitics

Christian Charities, Non-profits, and Philanthropies

Faith-based Causes for Social Justice : Nonprofit Organizations, Charities, and Philanthropies

I’ve assembeled this list of Christian charities, non-profit organizations, and philanthropies in an attempt to help out lesser known Christ-centered organizations which are pursuing social justice, missional, and compassionate giving to the poor and disenfranchised. I’m particularly interested in the work of the Mocha Club, Blood Water Mission, and Hands and Feel who all happen have Nashville ties and do their work with great return on investment. (even if that in Kingdom terms is still a pretty messy term…)

World Vision
World Vision YouTube Videos

Blood Water Mission
Blood Water Mission Video

Chapin Living Waters

Mocha Club
Mocha Club Videos on YouTube

Bread for the World | Bread Blog
Bread for the World Video on YouTube

Hands and Feet
Hands and Feet Video

Compassion International | Christian Charities

Chrisitan Organizations, Religious Non-profits, and Charity Resources

Christian Charities on Yahoo

Charity Navigator

Campus Crusade for Christ

Christian Charities rank high in Top 100 Non-profits

Christian and Religious Nonprofits on DMOZ

Fantastic Christian organizations that put missions and service into Christ-centered action

What Christian Charity or non-profit would you add to the list?


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  1. Dick Dassow / Jan 8 2009 2:48 pm

    Would be good to add:
    to your list.
    They have the technology to help people grow enough food for themselves when there is no rain or insufficient rain. In over 180 countries.
    They can help you set up a pilot project.
    Looking for distributors to set up a small business in 3rd world countries. Low cost.
    A great Christian organization.

    Dick Dassow

    check out their site:

  2. M.RAJAMANI / Jan 24 2009 5:27 am

    Dear Beloved Brothers and sisters in Christ

    My hearty greetings of love grace and peace to all of you your blessed family your friends your well wishers your staff and all in the most precious name of our lord and saviour Jesus Christ

    Dear sisters I already sent some emails to you introducing myself as a Bible woman. But I have received no kind of information from you .As being a Bible woman, filled with the love of God I want to shared the love of the our lord with you.JOHN15:12,1 JOHN5:3,HEB 13:15. Jesus wanted us to have true intimate relationship with Him
    Dear loving sisters already narrated my gospel work activities to your prayerful consideration. After the demise of my husband I have been taking care of 4 congregations, orphanage and widow home. Our congregations which are at a radius of 2to 5 kms .I alone can go to teach the message of gospel on foot. My life aim is to save many souls in advancement of the kingdom of our lord. Frankly I do not have any financial assistance from anywhere. Being a widow woman servant of God who can show sympathy towards us? In spite of all the difficulties have been regularly teaching the good news of the message of salvation door to door and condescend to visit hospitals to pray for the sick. Many hearts are stirring and coming to the feet of our lord.

    Dear beloved sisters I am regret to inform you that recently some of the male Christian pastors forced to come to our poor congregations and threatened me not to organize revival meetings, Sunday worship meetings night meetings and women fellowship meetings etc., They also warned me that the woman is not entitled to teach and preach the gospel. I humbly requested them to show the scriptures where the woman is found not permitted to teach the gospel .But they are unable to prove according to scriptures. Scriptures say that every one has great commission to declare the truths of God in this dispensation.(CHURCH AGE/GRACE PERIOD) GAL 3:28 JOHN 4;25-29,ROM16:2,12.JUD4:4-9.Being a poor widow woman servant of God my heart has broken down and diminished.

    Dear beloved sisters, after the demise of my husband I have been facing immense problems to feed our destitute children and widows. We are all in a most help less state. In addition to the entire burden of gospel work and compassionate activities laid on my shoulder. Sister I tearfully beg all of you please unite me into your stewardship and send your generosity for the growth of lord’s work and compassionate activities. If you really want to see the progress of lords work and compassionate activities please visit our country and deli ever your wonderful messages to transform many souls for Christ. let us rejoice and exalt our lord by spreading the word of God

    Please do pray for our lords vital services our poor family orphans and widows
    Here we are all fervently praying for all your endeavors.
    Your humble and poor widow sister in Christ

    EXO 15: 20, JUD 4:4, 2 KINGS22:14, NEH 6:14, LUKE 2:36, 37, ACTS29:9

    Acts 18: 26, ROM 16:1, 2. PHI 4: 3

    RUTH 1: 3, 1 KINGS 17: 9, 2 KINGS 4:1, MARK 12:42, LUKE 2:37,7:12,18:3, ACTS 6;1,9: 39

    PRO11:16, 12; 4, 14; 1, 31:10

    May God add His rich blessings

  3. compassioninpolitics / Jan 24 2009 1:32 pm

    I’m about 99% sure the above comment is spam, however I thought the scriptures might be helpful.

  4. Rodney Ballance / May 5 2009 4:03 pm

    I stumbled upon your website, and absolutely love what you are doing here.

    The reason I was looking around is that we are trying to promote our ministry. You can learn more about what we’re doing at

    I hope you will take time to review what we are doing, and offer advice as to how we might go about increasing awareness for ouir programs.

    God bless you,

  5. Tiffany / May 19 2012 2:32 am

    The Smithfield Rescue Mission is an excellent organization focused on loving people and helping them become gainfully employed and instructing residents on how to keep the job by living in commitment to others before self…but most importantly they show the people love and how important attitude is in keeping relationships, whether it be personal or work related. Also they emphasise the perfect love Christ has for us that we can never earn.


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