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January 17, 2009 / compassioninpolitics

Twitter for Churches

Twitter for Churches | Church Social Media | Technology Ministry for Jesus

Looking for info or resources about Twitter for Churches check out the link (it will cost you a five spot, but perhaps their blog will have something interesting or useful)

Whatever your thoughts on the issue, this recent analysis by John Voelz about the church, Christians, and technology is on point:

And, still, we are having the same “kinds” of conversations about technology today. The conversation will always be there. There will always be something to fear. Something not to trust. Something new to learn. Something that makes us feel like the world will pass us by if we don’t seek to understand.

We don’t have to adopt all new technology and wave the banner of the new kid in town. We don’t have to be fans of every new web app. But, I do believe it is important to be able to connect with the world around us—the people who ARE having the conversations about technology and are being saturated by it and in it.

It seems like a cool concept, although not all experiments with Twitter in Church have gone well in practice (ie distraction and random unrelated chatter)

Alternatively, Twitter (or some twitter clone) can be an opportunity for internal communication during the work week, for communication with other Christians, and potentially pretty fantastic for event communication.

If you want to know what twitter is, check out the video below:

Suggested Twitter Resources for Pastors, Churches, and Christians:

If you decide to use Twitter I suggest:

Twitter search to find people interested in similar issues like “church planting” or “church leadership” or “parenting tips.” You can also use it to find people talking about church conferences or your city or local neighborhood.
Twitter Grader can help evaluate your twitter account (those numbers aren’t terribly important) and more importantly to find people in your professional niche or geography using its search function.
• Follow Mr. Tweet, he can give you updates on people you should follow in related niches. This adds real networking power to your tweeting and twittering.
• using the @ message to contact people you want to follow on Twitter.
• Check out Twit Tip, a blog by Problogger Darren Rowse
• Guy Kawasaki has great tips for using Twitter.

In my humble opinion the ONLY twitter tips you need to know: If you have the search command, you can easily find someone who is talking about the issue you want to talk about. You can also search in google “pastors on twitter” or “journalists on twitter” and likely find a host of people to follow. You might also want to check out following some folks that live near you. Second, I can’t emphasize this enough: using Mr. Tweet to help you find other people in your niche can be very helpful. Third, once you find the exact people you want to follow you can ask them and I’m sure they can suggest interesting Twitter citizens to follow.

One important note and I made this Twitter mistake myself: don’t be a twitter whore. Repeat: don’t be a twitter whore Having 25, 50, or even 100 quality people to talk to is more than enough. Once you get over a certain number of people you are following, twitter can become more difficult. So unlike me, try and stay under 500 for your sanity sake.



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  1. Neil / Jan 17 2009 9:24 am

    Churches can defintitely use twitter to spread the word of theLord. We have just started using twitter for our Christian based social networking site.

    I know also charties who are Christian based are using Twitter to massive effect, they were one of the reasons which sparked our interest in twitter.

    Tweetdeck and Mr Tweet are #1, I’ll give Twitter Grader a try.. It looks interesting..

  2. mgallops / Mar 6 2009 6:09 am

    I read the title of your blog page with interest – I just wrote a blog dealing with a related subject:

    Also – here is my ministry blog:


  1. Neufeld Computer Services | Twitter for Churches
  2. Church technology round up | Ignite Your Ministry - Web Ministry For Christian Leaders - 01204 328600

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