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February 4, 2009 / compassioninpolitics

Great Commission Companies focus on Business as Missions

Great Commission Companies focus on Business as Missions

I’m going to include some of my favorite quotes from the book Great Commission Companies by Steve Rundle and Tom Steffen:

Customer Needs First
“There is simply no substitute for identifying a customer first, knowing what his or her needs are, then finding competent manufacturers who can reliably meet the customer’s specifications.”

Aim for the Niche
“Likewise the most promising GCs are those that find niches in which they enjoy certain competitive advantages based on such things as unique managerial talent, brand recognition, efficiency, quality or a hard to replicate technology.”

On Cultural Adaptation
“Those who adapt most successfully tend to have a natural interest in establishing relationships with people from other cultures and exhibit an ability to share the gospel crossculturally as well. Thy are humble and can laugh at their own cultural mistakes. They are willing to adjust their lifestyle so that it does not inhibit their witness, and they treat the difficulties of living in a foreign country as challenges for growth rather than sources of irritation.”

Team Attitudes, Values, and Qualities
“Successful team members come in every shape, size, and personality type. What they do share, however, are passion, persistence, a capacity to learn from mistakes and a willingness to make decisions and take calculated risks…They plan, pray and get advice. Then they act, and they do not obsess over what might have been.”

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