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February 12, 2009 / compassioninpolitics

Reasons Why Online Ministries have Failed in the Past

Christian Ministry Marketing and Preventing Ministry Failure

The Christian groups, writers, and churches has experience a number successes and failures online. I thought it would be helpful to think about the reasons church efforts online perhaps haven’t been successful in the past so that they aren’t repeated in the future–in other words to prevent ministry failure:

• Disorganization and lack of strategic thinking
• Failure to devote time or resources to either content development or marketing
• Not understanding the customer base and examining online user data
• Failure to understand online communities and to adapt Christian content to the audience.
• Failure to understand the Google algorithm
• Having expectations that the internet was magic. Buying into the hype too much.
• Ignoring the role of design in their online ministry efforts

Why do you think ministry marketing has missed the mark in the past?


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