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February 20, 2009 / compassioninpolitics

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and Social Media

Baptist Seminary Meets the Web 2.0 World at SBTS

My Christian and technology friend Aaron helped move Southern Baptist Theological Seminary into the Web 2.0 or Seminary 2.0 space. He along with a local Nashville internet entrepreneur and marketer helped create the technology backbone for one of the world’s leading seminaries.

Congrats to the whole team. They did a great job. I really love the landing page with video which showcases the students and school in a really human way.

Here are some of the new content creation and social media tools they built out (and or integrated)…

Featured Bloggers

Dr. R. Albert Mohler, Jr.
Dr. Russell Moore

SBTS Deans

Dr. Denny Burk
Dr. Chuck Lawless

SBTS Professors

Dr. Greg Brewton
Dr. Paul Dean
Dr. Duane Garrett
Dr. Jim Hamilton
Dr. Michael Haykin
Dr. J.D. Payne
Dr. David Sills
Dr. David Sills (Reaching and Teaching)
Dr. Hershael York

SBTS Centers

Biblical Church Growth (Dr. Chuck Lawless)
Andrew Fuller Center (Dr. Michael Haykin)

You can check out more SBTS resources which includes audio podcasts or SBTS news.

Can you suggest any church 2.0 or seminary 2.0 resources?


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