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March 12, 2009 / compassioninpolitics

Church Video Ideas and Sermon Resources

Church Video Ideas and Resources: Visual Christian Storytelling and Narratives

I hope you enjoy these free church and sermon videos.

Deidox just launched. They have 2 video narratives that are quite impressive.

Work of the People Met with these guys a couple of months ago when they visited Nashville.

Difted Videos on Vimeo

Skit Guys who you can also check out on Tangle

Max Lucado Sermon Videos

Crosspoint Church Videos on Vimeo

Sermon Spice

Blue Fish TV

Wing Clips

Eleven 72

Life Church.TV videos on Tangle

Various sermons and preachers on vimeo aggregated by Julie Barrier. (I’m not sure of the copyright or legal status of the videos. I tendency is to be skeptical)

Finally, videos on Tangle which used to be God Tube

Church Video Resources

Church Video Ideas (Greg Atkinson’s blog)

Church Relevance has a greatfree church graphics and resources which complements this list very nicely.

Digital Sanctuary has a helpful list of church video ideas which focuses on HD Videos

Any favorite church video resources? I know there are several churches and creative Christian videos on GodTube, YouTube, and Vimeo….. What say you???? Suggestions????

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  1. Deb Meyer / Sep 13 2011 5:10 pm

    I’m passionate about creating powerful, relevant church resources, and am been blessed to know God is using them around the world. Check out my website@

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