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March 19, 2009 / compassioninpolitics

Mobile Phone and Healthcare at the Base of the Pyramid

Mobile Devices at the Bottom of the Pyramid

[warning: in beta….]

What is happening in the world of cell phones, mobile telephony, and health care delivery? The AFP points out the need for mobile phones and innovative applications in the health care sector:

“When you consider that there are 2.2 billion mobile phones in the developing world, 305 million computers but only 11 million hospital beds you can instantly see how mobiles can creat effective solutions to address healthcare challenges,” said Terry Kramer, strategy director at British operator Vodafone.

mHealth for Development (70 page guide from the UN) which cites Text to Change as a case study in Uganda, which has a text quiz for AIDs awareness. The report also contains a case study on data gathering as well as emphasizing the need for open source solutions like Open Rosa. The report also includes 6 pages of mHealth applications.

Mobile Communications for Health (7 page guide from the UN)

Mobile trends to 2018: How mobile phones will effect health, government, and business.

For instance, mHealth from Voixiva. mHealth can provide health updates and appointment reminders.

Mobile Technology Resources

Mobile technology research

• Fantastic overview of the mHealth in development space.

Mobile Active is a fantastic resource

Mobilisr a mobile application to help with health care for the BOP of South Africa and later the world with mobile technology.

• Research on mobile market at Hoovers

• Research mobile phone providers at Panjiva

• Sample ICT budget for internet cafe micro enterprise in Africa

• Wonder where you can get recycled mobiles or computers in latin america, asia, or africa?

• I’m curious how mobile games, mobile music, or ring tones can be used to encourage people to either purchase mobiles for health care ends. (although this could be a potential distraction of sorts). Certainly mobile music could be a form of marketing. For instance the Kickstart moneymaker was marketed using an African rapper.

Vodaphone Foundation

• Curious how useful this $118 book on mHealth is? Ouch!

• Check Google for: Mobile phone prices in India or your BOP destination of choice.


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