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March 26, 2009 / compassioninpolitics

Best Social Business Venture Posts of 2009

Best Social Business Venture Articles from 2009

Here are what I think are the best posts from Compassion in Politics about social entrepreneurship and social business ventures. I’ve created this post so you my reader can better navigate the almost 100 posts on social entrepreneurship and social business ventures that I’ve written. Enjoy!!! (hopefully will fill in the rest later…)

Securing Funding for a Social Business Venture:

Startup Funding for Social Entrepreneurship Ventures

Examples and Case Studies of Social Business Ventures:

Micro franchise case studies
Social and micro enterprise case studies
The Next 4 Billion Case Studies Summarized
Clean water solutions for the BOP
Terra Cycles Example of Eco Capitalism

Scaling a Social Business Venture:

Lessons on Scaling a Social Business Venture
Microfranchising Social Entrepreneurship and Microenterprise

Social Entrepreneurship Books

Social entrepreneurship book reviews in 30 seconds

Social Entrepreneurship and Government Collaboration

What can government do to encourage social entrepreneurship

Click here for all our Base of the Pyramid (BOP) articles.

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  1. / Mar 27 2009 3:49 am

    I’m so excited Kiva is coming to the USA!

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