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March 27, 2009 / compassioninpolitics

Education 2.0: Wikis and Social Media in Education

The Case for Wikis and Social Media in the Classroom

• Make learning more interesting and engaging
• Increase productivity
• Ease of communication and collaboration
• Media and technology literacy
• Creativity and self-expression
• Virtual teamwork
• Contextual and big picture thinking
• Introduction to online ethics

Concerns Wikis and Social Media in the Classroom

• Budgetary hurdles to education technology in the classroom
• Student classroom time
• Teacher time
• Shiny new toy syndrome

How will your students use the web in the future?

• Communication
• Collaboration
• Creative self-expression
• Health care and doctor communication
• Banking and financial management
• Business meetings
• Politics
• Goals, scheduling, and planning
• Productivity (Sofware as Service)
• Customer Service Management
• E-commerce
• Marketing
Is there a part of their lives that won’t be touched and influenced by internet technology?

A Vision of Students Today

How can I use a Wiki?

How can I apply a Wiki for Business, Education, or my Favorite Hobbies?

How do you use wWkis? What do you see as the future of wikis in education and business? What is your favorite Learning 2.0 resource or Education 2.0 tool?

Additional Wikis in Education and Education 2.0 Resources

Education 2.0 Overview of Top Tools on Hubpages
Classroom 2.0 Wiki
Classroom 2.0 Social Network on Ning
Classroom 2.0: Forum Discussion of Wikis
Top Education Websites on Alltop
Wikis in Education from Jeff Utecht at Wetpaint (His blog Thinking Stick is informative too)
Wetpaints Wikis in Education
Best Education Wikis at Wetpaint
Top 100 Tools
Business Case Studies at PBWiki
Wikis in Education Presentation on Slideshare
Elearning 2.0 Presentation on Slideshare


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  1. compassioninpolitics / Sep 21 2009 3:04 am

    If you want to learn more about higher education 2.0, you might check out my posts on e-learning, which include book reviews and free web 2.0 applications you can use:

  2. Nathan Ketsdever / Mar 17 2010 3:15 am

    Also worth checking out is this selection of classroom and education wikis on a wiki called Wikified Schools. Its a quick way to review some top examples/case studies in the area:

    Also I suggest searching delicious for “wiki in schools examples” and “wikis in the classroom examples.”


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