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June 4, 2009 / compassioninpolitics

Developing a learning management system

Want to know how to develop a learning management system?

1) Discover the free and paid tools used by education and industry. You can research what specific companies or univerisities use….in addition to researching what individual tools are offered by various companies.

2) Set up a system to compare available systems (based on your internal needs or the external needs of those who you are hoping to help.) This involved setting up a criteria for “what makes the best LMS systems”

3) One of the best ways to determine need is to actually talk to those who you are going to be providing the service to. Call this customer relations, market research, or product development research its imperative to user centered design. The one thing we can’t do is read each others mind.

3) Many e-learning systems offer both a showcase (or case studies) of existing e-learning systems as well a free trials. You might even make the free trials available to potential users of the system to see their experience with the learning management tool or resource. You can set up a market research survey with free tools like Google docs or perhaps in your project management (or virtual collaboration tool).

4) I would also advise to check out the E-how guide that I linked to above.

5) Finally, I would read and print out Cathy Sierra’s extensive post on creating magnetic content for e-learning called “Crash Course in Learning Theory“. Cathy’s post takes about 15 minutes to read, but is a fantastic tool for making higher caliber e-learning content.

What would you add to this guide on developing a learning management system?

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