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June 8, 2009 / compassioninpolitics

40 Recommended Social Media Consultants/Experts


A critical question that is on the minds of executives these daysHow can I find a top level social media consultant or optimization expert? Its hard to find who is an expert both in work and deed. Here are a handful of quality suggestions about social media agencies and consultants aggregated from based on experience and Beth Hartes suggestions. You can learn the top 7 social media optimization trends for 2009 and beyond:

1) Christopher Carfi

2) JD Lasica

3) Brian Solis

4) Phil Gomes

5) Nathan Gilliatt

6) Lena West

7) Linda Zimmer

8} Sally Falkow

9) John Hingley

10) Peter Shankman

11) Charlene Li

12) Jeremiah Owyang

13) Shel Israel

14) Robert Scoble

15) Rohit Bhargava

16) Chris Brogan

17) Mack Collier

18) Scott Monty

19) Christina Kerley

20) Mike Sansone

21) Toby Bloomberg

22) B.L. Ochman

23) Greg Verdino

24) Mitch Joel

25) Josh Bernoff

26) Jackie Huba

27) Ben McConnell

28) Valeria Maltoni

29) David Armano

30) Kami Huyse

31) Common Craft

32) Razorfish

33) Todd Defren

34) KD Paine

35) Lee Odden

36) Paul Chaney

37) Beth Harte

38) Geoff Livingston

39) Jason Falls

40) Beth Kanter

* Seth Godin

*Jason Breed

Read my post on social media optimization trends for 2009 here.

More to come: what to look for in a social media consultant

Who do you believe is a top social media consultant?



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  1. B.L. Ochman / Jun 8 2009 7:48 pm

    Hi – Nice to be on a list with all these luminaries.
    I know it’s a lot of work, but lists like these work best when they link to the people on the list so people can learn more about them.

    B.L. Ochman
    What’s Next Blog

  2. Mitch Joel - Twist Image / Jun 9 2009 12:35 am

    Many thanks for including me – you’re making me blush! The truth is that I am not an independent consultant – I actually own a full-service Digital Marketing agency called Twist Image (with two offices and close to 80 employees), but still… it’s nice to be recognized 😉

  3. Todd Defren / Jun 12 2009 9:25 pm

    Thanks for including me!

    This list is a bit discombobulated, though.

    “Razorfish,” while talented, is a megalithic agency… Scott Monty is employed by Ford, and is not looking for other work… Jeremiah Owyang’s counsel is only available by contracting with Forrester… And, like Mitch Joel, I own an agency (SHIFT Communications) filled with 90-odd brainiacs in 3 nationwide offices: you can’t hire “me,” unless it’s by hiring SHIFT.
    Still, yea, it’s nice to make the list! Thanks!

  4. Jeff Zelaya / Jul 20 2011 2:11 pm

    Great compilation! I’m going to agree that having links to the Social Media Consultant’s website would have been ideal. But thank you for the effort.

    Jeff Zelaya

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