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June 18, 2009 / compassioninpolitics

21st Century Skills for University Students

Beyond creativity and critical thinking skills there are very niche skills which deserve an entirely new class in the University system. It include 28 core ideas, as well as the 3 practical add ons for a total of 31. If you would like to revisit my earlier discussion of 21st century skills please do:

History of the Internet
Lifehacks, Workflow, Managing Information Overload
Social Networking Overload + Internet Addiction
Virtual Project Mangagement Theory and Practice
Software as a service
Enterprise 2.0-Wikis
Enterprise 2.0-Sales
Personal Branding
Mobile + iPhone
Trends in Technology
SEO + Linkbuilding
Local SEO
Google Hacks + Research
Social Media anthropology
Sociology of online social networks
Social media case study
Social media best practices (including the fortune 500)
Social media and small business
Community management and tribes (including social media and the non-profit)
Tech startups environment and online business models
Principles of personal branding
Principles of entrepreneurship
Linked in, Facebook, and Getting a Job Online
Video blogging + podcasting
Crowd sourcing + wisdom of crowds
Content + the future of journalism in the 21st century

Hopefully it would include these three notions as well:

Student Exploration
Students Individual + Group Projects and Presentation
Virtual project management

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