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July 1, 2009 / compassioninpolitics

Literacy Skill Sets for Writing, Analysis, and Communication

I found this rubric developed by Feuersteain in “A Framework for Understanding Poverty.”

1. Input Strategies

Input is defined as “quantity and quality of the data gathered.”
1. Use planning behaviours
2. Focus perception on specific stimulus
3. Control impulsivity
4. Explore data systemattically
5. Use appropriate and accurate labels.
6. Organize space with stable system of refernece
7. Orient data in time
8. Identify constancies across variations
9. Gather precise and accurate data
10. Consider two sources of information at once.
11. Organize data (parts of the whole)
12. Visualize transport data

2. Elaboration Strategies

1. Identify and define the problem.
2. Select relevant cues
3. Compare data
4. Summarize data
6. Project relationships of data
7. Use logical data
8. Test hypothesis
9. Build inferences
10. Make a plan using the data
11. Use appropriate labels
12. Use data systemically

3. Output strategies

Output is defined as “communication of the data.”
1. Communicate clearly the labels and processes
2. Visually transport data correctly
3. Use precise and accurate language
4. Control impulsive behviour

The more I think about it….I think its too deep in the processing and not deep enough in the output strategies. Do you have a better criteria/rubric for information literacy?


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