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July 5, 2009 / compassioninpolitics

What would university 2.0 look like?

Here are 25 Core Curriculum Based Components of University 2.0:
I’m not saying that the university should suddenly add 25 courses to their curriculum, but to understand these areas outside the ways in which the web is effecting their production, transmission, marketing, and sales (from top to bottom of the creation and consumption….including a whole host of other components) is to ignore technology change. Taking curriculum beyond “do research on Google and our academic databases and these 3 interesting subject matter websites” is to ignore a whole wealth of information and an entire way of knowing and understanding and creating which is a disservice to this and future generations.

1) Art 2.0
2) Biz Skills + Productivity 2.0
3) Business 2.0
4) Communication 2.0
5) E-learning 2.0
6) Journalism 2.0
7) Innovation and Creativity 2.0
8] Life 2.0
9) Literature + the Humanities 2.0
10) Health and Fitness 2.0
11) History 2.0
12) HR/Recruiting 2.0
13) Marketing 2.0
14) Music 2.0
15) Medicine + Nursing 2.0
16) Non-profit 2.0
17) Politics 2.0
18) Presentations 2.0
19) Public Relations 2.0
21) Real Estate 2.0
22) Research 2.0
23) Teaching 2.0
24) Training 2.0
25) Small Business and Startups 2.0

Suggest a resource for any of the above or a new category below in the comments section. Hopefully we’ll be adding more categories from Alltop.

If you want to see my other thoughts about what university 2.0 looks like check out my posts on e-learning trends and social media in the university setting.

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