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July 18, 2009 / compassioninpolitics

Top 15 Stanford E-Corner Entrepreneurship Vidoes

The Best Entrepreneurship Videos from the Stanford Business School E-Corner
I borrowed this list from an entrepreneurship syllabus by two Stanford University professors and the insight from these tech entrepreneurship thought leaders from the Stanford Technology Ventures Program would be helpful:

Jeff Hawkins: On Entrepreneurship
Vinod Khosla: Technology and the Future
Jeff Hawkins: What I had wished I learned in college
Heidi Roizen: Why be an entrepreneur now?
Vinod Khosla: How the entrepreneurship bug bit me
Jerry Kaplan: Timing is Important
Jerry Kaplan: Best time to start a company
Jeff Hawkins: Genesis of Palm Computing
Heidi Roizen: Bootstrapping
Heidi Roizen: Venture Financing
Jeff Hawkins: Company Culture
Carol Bartz: Trust
Vinod Khosla: It’s the team
Heidi Roizen: The Business of Venture Capital
Vinod Khosla: Fear and Greed
Vinod Khosla: Dare to Dream
Heidi Roizen: Shareholder Value (not available)
Vinod Khosla: Social Entrepreneurship
Carol Bartz: Do what you like
Jeff Hawkins: Did I change the world?
Jerry Kaplan: Best qualities of the successful entrepreneur
Carol Bartz: Cycles
Vinod Khosla: Career Development
Vinod Khosla: Work Experience [learning from failure early on]

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