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January 18, 2010 / compassioninpolitics

David Livermore on Cultural Intelligence

Livermore wrote about Cultural Intelligence in a recent column for Management Issues:

Cultural intelligence (CQ) is defined as the capability to function effectively across national, ethnic, and organizational cultures.[1] You’ve heard about IQ and EQ. CQ stems from this same body of research on the various forms of intelligence needed to be successful in today’s workforce. As stated above, it’s rooted in the idea of being a person who seeks to understand and respect different cultures but it goes far beyond interpersonal relationships. It shapes the way a manager pursues marketing, negotiation, sales, and a whole lot more in a culturally diverse context.

CQ is a set of capabilities and skills proven to give employees and their organizations a competitive edge in our shrinking world. It consists of four different capabilities (drive, knowledge, strategy, and action) all of which can be assessed and developed in individuals and full management teams. Research demonstrates that 92 percent of companies that used the cultural intelligence approach (through training, hiring, strategizing etc.) saw increased revenues within 18 months of implementation.

Even if you don’t plan on booking an international business flight anytime soon, today’s economic crisis may be tomorrow’s great opportunity for tapping into new markets in your own neighborhood. Culture shapes nearly everything a manager does, from forging a compelling vision for a future in the “flat” world, to adapting to an increasingly globalized economy, appealing to the tastes of culturally diverse customers and constituents, managing, motivating, and evaluating a culturally diverse workforce, creating and managing organizational culture, and to making effective use of international travel. Cultural intelligence offers a common model and language for approaching these varied tasks.

For more on CQ check out David Livermore’s webspace. You can find more about the research about Cultural intelligence here and here and here.

(h/t Rob Bell’s Twitterstream)

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