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January 23, 2010 / compassioninpolitics

17 Inspiring Presentation Tips from Slideology by Nancy Duarte

I recently grabbed “Slideology” by Nancy Duarte. For those who are in the training industry or other communications industries (ps thats everybody)–I highly recommend it. Duarte is apt to point out that power point is 2nd in multimedia communication technology next to email (I assume that excludes mobile). Here are my favorite 17 tips, techniques, and strategies Duarte points out. I recommend getting it on Amazon, as it will probably cost about $35 at your local bookstore. It is however required reading for creating well designed power point presentations, which are meaningful, clear, and inspiring.

1) Four aspects of a slide are: background, color, text, images.
2) Have fund with ideographs and sticky-pads to brainstorm your slide presentation.
3) Practice simplicity and leverage white space with your slides (experiment with elimination–by getting rid of slide junk)
4) Create audience personas. Perform an audiences needs analysis to determine the goals for your presentation.
5) Pick great colors, including the emotional response you want to create in your audience. (p. 130 to 137 is a simple breakdown of color)
6) Think about the emotional role of typography.
7) Practice the Rule of 3s. This is particularly useful in the context of processes.
8] Leverage contrast (aka juxtaposition) to tell your story.
9) Poloroids to add human element and work great with quotes.
10) Create focus by graying out text or conversely by highlighting particular components of data or graphs.
11) Remember and leverage audience eye movement effectively.
12) Multiple staggered photo layout. This technique is great for chapter slides and adding a human edge to stories.
13) Letter box and modified letterbox (for instance cutting away) helps create unity and uniqueness.
14) Add movement to your slides. (create a motion path–this can also help create organization in your presentation and can be a memory device)
15) Panoramas are one great way to add movement (example: Mark Twain and Marie Curie on p. 190)
16) Leverage appropriate stock photos for backgrounds (to add depth and variety and to tell your story more contextually or perhaps with more unity)
17) You can map processes sideways on a panorama slide series. This technique also has the effect of creating movement in your presentation.

I also enjoyed the focus on illustrations (those can be found on pages 172 and 173). Probably the most useful component was the focus on data visualization and design saavy ways to arrange slides (they can be found on pages 45 to 49).

Have you read “Slideology: The Art and Science of Creating Great Presentations?” Did you enjoy it? Would you recommend it? Whats your favorite presentation tip?

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  1. DemoFish / Jan 25 2010 1:40 am

    What a fantastic book! My favorite piece of advice is “Treat Your Audience as King,” which to me is the most important part of any presentation. My specialty is giving presentations that deal with software products, so I am always looking to improve slides that support the software tool or Web site that I am presenting to clients.

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