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May 18, 2010 / compassioninpolitics

Social Media Services for Churches and Nonprofits

Fundamental Church, Non Profit, and Charity Social Media Services

1) Websites/content management systems (CMS)

2) Content training/content consulting

3) Branding/web design

4) Social PR/Social marketing training

5) Social PR/Social marketing services

6) Productivity tools training (Personal learning management system/elearning)

7) Local SEO Training/ Local SEO Services

8] Linkbuilding/Linkbaiting Content Development (link bait PR)

9) Widget development/RSS Platform Aggregation

10) Training for content, design, and social marketing (so this can scale easier and save time)

Other optional church and charity social media services:

1) Video shooting and editing

2) Presentation development (including video recording)

3) White paper/Content development/ Content editing/Copy writing (see also linkbait)

4) iPhone Application Development/mobile development

5) Mobile marketing & communication (consulting/training)

6) Podcasting (consulting/training)

7) Visual and audio content training (video shooting, video editing, photoshop basics, illustrator basics, iWork basics, and fundamentals of design)

8] Microsoft training and productivity

9) Other technology based consulting (ie enterprise 2.0 and CRM)

10) Visual communication consulting and facilitation (Design thinking workshop/consulting)

11) Custom web development (Drupal, Ruby on Rails, PHP/Wordpress, Flash)

12) Port existing content to web friendly format (editing, design, upload, and aggregation)


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  1. Fay / May 29 2010 11:19 pm

    It would be great if all churches and non profit organizations also use social media these days to spread out their messages.

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