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May 19, 2010 / compassioninpolitics

Careers for Creative vs. Analytical Minds

Careers for Right vs. Left Brained Professionals

The following is based on generalizations about left vs. righted brained individuals–however it may be a helpful guide for exploring careers which fit your personality and ways of thinking about the world:

Right brain thinkers tend to be more random and spontaneous than left brainers; they are intuitive and subjective and tend to approach things as whole, rather than breaking them up in parts. Right brain functions focus on using feeling. They are imaginative and take risks. They have spatial perception and understand symbols and images better than numbers and facts.

Possible careers that are suitable for right brain individuals are graphic design, fashion design, web design, teaching English, personal trainer, marketing, audio/radio production, photography, and interior design, amongst others. These are all careers that require a creative mind, and do not deal heavily with figures or require an analytical way of thinking.

Left brain thinkers are more sequential, they use rational and take an objective viewpoint to analyze things. They are generally more adept at math and science since they have a logical way of thinking. They focus on what is practical and safe, and can easily form strategies. Left brain functions are reality based and they also have strong order/pattern recognition.

Possible careers that are suitable for left brain individuals are engineering, math or science teacher, psychology and counseling, computer programming, accounting, legal and paralegal, human resources, and international business, amongst others. These are all careers that require a mathematical and ordered mind.

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  1. Pete / May 19 2010 5:56 pm

    I’ve developed a new website that lets you see careers that match your own “personality traits” (interests, styles, skills, etc.). Right- and left-brained could be one such trait, but there are others. If anyone is so inclined to visit the site, please don’t hesitate to leave feedback.


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