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July 1, 2010 / compassioninpolitics

University Publication 2.0: Social Media and the Future of the Academy

University Publishing 2.0 Scholarly Publishing in the Digital Age

I recently heard Kathleen Fitzpatrick of Media Commons | A digital scholarly network and author of Planned Obsolescence. She also teaches a class about Digital Media Studies at Pomona . Her class blog is available here along with her other scholarly work here.

Phil Pochoda who is the director University of Michigan Press suggest several questions for what University Press 2.0 looks like including:

How does it allocate and recover costs?
Will UP 2.0 continue to be a big part of the system?
Who should it be publishing for?

He points out that the current system is broken and leaving. You can see the core of Pochoda’s argument here.

If you want to a panel discussion you can search at Fora.Tv.


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