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July 6, 2010 / compassioninpolitics

Steve Blank Business Model Template–The Business Model Canvas

Steve Blank Business Model Template for Technology Start ups

Steve Blanks notion of customer development and lean start up are core to his overall philosophy of start up entrepreneurship. One of the other cores is the notion of preferring business models to business plans (because no business plan survives first contact with customers).

Blank borrows the business model template (or canvas) from Alexander Osterwalder whose book Business Model Innovation can be previewed by clicking the link. The canvas/template is available on page 44 of the preview is explained in greater detail in pages 45 and beyond.

Blank and one of his students is working a new iteration on Osterwalder’s model in an effort to simplify (and perhaps integrate customer development with the business model template) You can find a copy of the business model template in this post “Whats a start ups first principles

The template includes 8 core business concepts:

1) Core capabilities
2) Cost structure
3) Partner network
4) Value configuration/offer
5) Target customer
6) Customer relationship
7) Distribution channel
8] Revenue streams

(the video includes 9 parts)

Osterwalder also posted a slightly different version of the Business Model Canvas to and its available for download. Unfortunately, to download you have to be logged into (I think this could easily be changed for social entrepreneurs by adding a box for social impact or blended value or whatever your preferred term happens to be)

1) Customer Segments
2) Value Propositions
3) Channels to Reach Customers
4) Customer Relationships
5) Rev. Streams You Generate
6) Key Resources
7) Key Activities
8] Key Partnerships
9) Cost Structure

Steve’s other ideas are discussed in greater detail in his book “Four Steps to Epiphany“, on his slideshare account, and on his blog at Steve (Of course “Four Steps” is also available on Amazon, but its $10 more)



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  1. fakhikid / Aug 7 2010 2:10 am

    My friend and I have been talking about this particular subject, this is great site and nice text. I will add to my bookmarks, Thank you for the information .

  2. compassioninpolitics / Sep 6 2010 6:18 am

    Here is a list of the webs best advice for (technology) start ups:

  3. Nathan Ketsdever / Nov 11 2010 11:18 am

    Here are the 9 key parts of the business model innovation template that Steve Blank draws on for his template:
    1. The target customer segments and their specific need;
    2. The value proposition of what is offered to the target customer segment;
    3. The communication and distribution channels to reach customers and offer the value proposition;
    4. The key activities to implement the business model;
    5. The core capacities(resources) needed to make the business model possible;
    6. The key partners and their motivations of coming together to make a business
    model happen;
    7. The revenue streams generated by the business model constituting the revenue model;
    8. The cost structure resulting of the business model;
    9. The relationships established with customers, the basis of long term viability of
    the business.


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