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July 16, 2010 / compassioninpolitics

How to reduce population growth in India and around the world

How to reduce population growth in India and around the World
Poverty reduction is green. Social entrepreneur Paul Polak makes a strong case that by reducing poverty–we can also have the greenest solution to overpopulation:

1) ) Motives. Poverty reduction directly reduced the need to have big families–at such it decreases one of the motives which drives the population explosion. The negative impact of global population on the environment. “Once a family earns $800 a year–the survival value of having extra babies drops away” (For instance a family in Bangladesh needs to have 3 sons…but create 8 babies)
2) Education. Solving $2 a day poverty increases education. Education of women directly leads to smaller families.
3) Renewable and Sustainable Capacity. Self-sufficiency solves the need for longer term external development which damages the environment. This means in Nepal long term external development and food aid would be far less necessary.
Elsewhere, Polak makes the following arguments to prove his case:
4) Decreased conflict. Poverty is at the root of much conflict. War leads to massive ecological destruction.
5) Resilience to Emergency and Disaster. Poverty decreases the need for excessive disaster aid. Countries and regions which are not in poverty are more resilient to the inevitable problems of natural disaster.

Given the above causal relations, Paul Polak concludes that when we take effective action against poverty that population will be able to stabilize the global population at 7 billion rather than 9 billion.

Paul posits that using low costs drip systems, like the ones available through International Development Enterprises, which have an empirical record of delivering poverty reduction results..

Increasing small-farm income through growing cash crops makes its greatest contribution to the reduction of carbon emission by shortening the transport chain from field to table….By addressing the root cause of rapid population growth and helping find solutions to other root causes of poverty, helping millions of extremely poor people out of poverty will make a profound contribution to finding practical solutions to many of the key challenges facing the planet over the next fifty years.

What are the best ways to solve global human overpopulation?

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