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September 1, 2010 / compassioninpolitics

How pastors can use social media, blogs, and wikis

All of the following should be no cost uses of social media to further the communication ends of your congregation community:

1) Class syllabus & class schedule (free blogs like and wikis like Wetpaint can serve this function)
2) Scriptures & inspiration (blogs, wikis, and easy to create widgets can serve this function)
3) Online resource library (links to relevant articles & resources)
4) Skype and other forms of free video conferencing
5) Usteam to stream church services (Other services include Truthcasting. Whatever service you select you want to make sure you have a digital copy backup on your own hard drives or storage devices)
6) Video sites like Vimeo & YouTube & Tangle to host videos.
7) Integrate with Twitter and Facebook (can also use Linked In)
8] Service groups integrated with blogs
9) Your church sermons (video and/or audio) posted on iTunes and with relevant podcast aggregation sites
10) Home base/dashboard for relevant Christian content.
11) Publishing of internal church texts & aids to DocStoc or Issuu (I think I would choose both of these over Scribd)
12) Mobile & email reminders or updates

The only monetary outlay besides .05 mobile reminders should be audio editing or video editing, although church volunteers should be willing to do this. One other alternative I’ve thought about is having 6 to 12 churches together using one social media resource person to do editing. This would allow the person to receive small monetary payment and help churches serve their mission–it might function similar to an association–so that content could all be aggregated all in one place easily.

For more insight on preachers, pastors, and youth ministers using about church social media click the link.


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  1. compassioninpolitics / Sep 12 2010 1:03 pm

    You might also look into video conferencing (and recording) tools like WeToKu (Charles Lee with the Idea Camp uses it I believe)

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