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September 30, 2010 / compassioninpolitics

Making a case for education funding for Republicans

Is there a conservative case for education reform and funding? Absolutely. Here is a short video segment on education reform on Fox News which can be affirmed by most any member of the GOP.

Jeb Bush suggests the following 6 educational reform

1) Accountability
2) Measurement
3) Choice
4) Customized Learning
5) Innovation (tech)
6) High Standards

Here are some of the arguments that Jeb and Hannity speak to:

1) Hungry & Estonia outpace our educational system
2) China & India are focusing on education
3) We apply a 19th century model on education (based on farming cycle)
5) Underharnesses technology
6) Make sure “No child is denied an opportunity to pursue their dreams.”
7) Dropouts lack jobs, which hurt economy & increase tax spending.
8] 2/3rds in prison lack a high school education.
9) Financial cost of people in prison
10) Need focus on student vs. adult (need customized learning for kids)
11) Key to long term survival and prosperity

I think Mr. Bush fails to appreciate the lack of teacher education in public schools as well as more robust early childhood education–which most education public policy experts would back acknowledge as critical to attacking the issue of reform. However, the case he makes for funding and reforming education is reasonably compelling based on the economy (and ultimately reduced tax spending) which is critical for every ones well being.

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