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October 21, 2010 / compassioninpolitics

The most influential Christian books in your spriritual life?

What are the most influential Christian books or authors in your life? (excluding the Bible)

1) Francis Chan,
2) Purpose Driven Life, Warren
3) The Life You’ve Always Wanted, Orthberg
4) Fearless, by Max Lucado
5) Donald Miller
A Million Miles and 1000 Years (excerpt)
Searching for God Knows What
Blue Like Jazz
(after having read 1,000,000 Miles–I think its better than the other two in terms of meaninfulness)

Honorable mention of most influential Christian books:

6) Mere Christianity, CS Lewis
7) Mark Batterson, In a Pit With a Lion on a Snowy Day
8] Henry Nouwen (no specific book)
9) Velvet Elvis, Rob Bell (on guilt)

The next influential books I’m going on my “must read” Christian reading list:

1) Wild at Heart (yeah….I know I’m late on this one)
2) Whats so Amazing About Grace, Yancy
3) Basic Christianity, Stott
4) Foster

These exact rankings and groupings are kinda nebulous–its hard for me to sort out which are more influential (and for some reason the public nature of this particular post adds complexity….and I’m not sure why). I should also point out that I’ve read a chapter or two from some of the books….while others I’ve read the whole thing. In the case of Henry Nouwen–I’ve just read quotes from various books–but his ideas have filtered into my life (so he as an author has been influential on me and my spiritual walk). The top 50 books that have shaped intellectuals.

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