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October 29, 2010 / compassioninpolitics

Marketing to small farmers in Africa

One acre fund has experience marketing to small farmers in Kenya:

Music truck. In a few villages, we hired a truck, speakers, and a DJ to announce One Acre Fund enrollment. On a market day, the truck played music from the area (which gets just about everyone dancing down the road) and the DJ repeated information about One Acre Fund while the truck moved through the villages. When the truck reached the most crowded areas, a charismatic farmer spoke and gave information about her experience being a member of One Acre Fund. Then the field officer announced a meeting location and time where he or she will give out more information about One Acre Fund. People in the truck held up OAF logo signs and maize cobs to show what our farmers produce and handed out flyers with enrollment information.

To evaluate the effectiveness of these strategies, we tested each of them in different areas where we work. We will see how enrollment numbers compare across the different areas, and whether one strategy produced much higher enrollment numbers. We will also survey the farmers of those areas to see if they saw any of these mass marketing strategies and whether mass marketing encouraged them to enroll in One Acre Fund.

Read the full post on marketing to farmers at the One Acre Fund blog.

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