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November 26, 2010 / compassioninpolitics

Best graduate schools for International Political Economy and International Relations

For those interested in the academic influence and academic reputation of schools from other academic institutions this study
For academic work in international political economy:

1) Yale University
2) Columbia University
2) Cornell University
4) Harvard University
4) University of California, Berkeley
4) University of Wisconsin
8] University of Michigan (Ann Arbor)
9) MIT
9) Princeton University
9) Stanford University
9) UNC Chapel Hill

Departments with the most IR scholars:

1) Columbia
2) Harvard
3) Michigan
4) Berkeley
5) Cornell
6) University of Virginia
7) Ohio State University
8] Stanford University
9) MIT
10) University of Chicago

Number of International Political Economy articles published since 1980

1) Harvard
2) Columbia
3) Stanford
3) University of Colorado
4) University of Chicago
5) Princeton University
5) University of California, Los Angeles
5) Yale University
8] Duke University
9) New York University
9) Ohio State University

(the error in counting is theirs–the University of Chicago should start with 5 and shift the numbers down–but thats irrelevant to your personal overall ranking of the programs)

Number of IR articles produced since 1980

1) Harvard
2) Columbia
3) Stanford
4) Ohio State University
5) University of Michigan
6) Princeton University
7) Yale University
8] University of Illinois
9) University of Chicago
10) University of California, Los Angeles

This data is from the “American School of IPE” study which is hosted at William and Mary.

Obviously, these metrics and schools are just a starting point for those interested in top schools in international political economy or international relations.

If you have suggestions for other rankings of IR, IPE, and similar programs, feel free to leave a note in the comments section. Here are the more generic international relations rankings for PhD programs–obviously thats of secondary importance to the specificity and value of this list..

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