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December 17, 2010 / compassioninpolitics

The future of digital journalism: how will newspapers make money online?

Here are two potential revenue producers. The later is on its face more lucrative than the former.

1) Interface journalism (search & filter journalism)
2) Freemium app syndication. (obviously there are iPhone and iPad options)

Cloud computing and software as service are two big trends culturally and digitally. One problem with the later (freemium app syndication) is that there may not be sufficient SaS/cloud companies now to create viable opportunities for business deals.

Interface journalism is particularly viable in the case of events based coverage and aggregation of other content. (Alltop & Real Clear Politics & Techmeme all suggest these are viable models. Although certainly they all have a national orientation and may need to be adapted to the local space.

For more insight on the issue of business models for digital journalism, the work Paul Bradshaw has done here and here is quite on point (he also apparently has a presentation on the issue of journalism business models as well–although it largely mirrors the content on the original post).

***In addition to software as service, platform as service is gaining ground (although I think its application may be limited in this case). Alternatively, if there was a company like Salesforce in the digital platform game (beyond WordPress) it might be viable “platform as service” company.

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