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January 6, 2011 / compassioninpolitics

Top Graduate Health Care Management & MBA Programs

Finding Top Health Care Management Graduate & MBA Programs in the US

Ok, so as far as I can tell there are no rankings of health care MBAs online. So what is one to do in researching for a health care MBA then? Well, I’ve included the schools that US News and World Report ranks at the top for health care management.
(Exceptions: University of Penn-Wharton (4), Northwestern-Kellogg(8), Berkeley-Hass (10), and Duke-Fuqua (20))

I also included public health programs & health policy/management as ranked by US News and World Report as well. (my guess is the later is largely for health care government & policy type positions, but I’m not entirely sure)

What can you do with theses three heath care program ranking lists? Perhaps you could attend a health care management program. Or perhaps you can check on the MBA programs at these schools. (Both alternatives beat relying on ads for random online degree programs.)

Obviously, if the MBA portion of the degree is important to you, you may want to see if the respective universities offer dual degree programs & the overall value of such degrees in the health care marketplace.

As a side note–I have no idea how Colorado-Denver was ranked twice (I can only assume its two different departments).

Health Care Management Rankings Tier I

1) University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
2) University of Minnesota Twin Cities
3) University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
4) University of Pennsylvania (Wharton) Philly, PA
4) University of Washington
4) Virginia Commonwealth University (Richmond, VA)
4) University of Alabama-Birmingham, AL
8] Northwestern university (Kellogg) Evanston, IL
9) University of California–Berkeley
10) University of California–Berkeley (Haas)
11) University of California–Los Angeles
11) Boston University
12) Johns Hopkins University
12) New York University (New York, NY)
12) Ohio State University (Columbus, OH)
12) St. Louis University (St. Louis, MO)
12) University of Missouri (Columbia, MO)
17) Boston University (Boston, MA)
17) University of Iowa (Iowa City, IA)
17) Washington Univerisyt in St. Louis (St. Louis, MO)
20) Duke University (Fuqua) Durham, NC
20) Trinity University (San Antonio, TX)
20) US Army/Baylor (Fort Sam Houston, TX)
20) University of Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, PA)
20) Yale University (New Haven, CT)
25) Arizona State University (Tempe, AZ)

Health Care Management Rankings: Tier 2

25) Cornell Univerisity (Ithaca, NY)
25) Rush Univeristy (Chicago, IL)
28] George Washington University (Washington DC)
28) Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
30) Georgetown University (Washington DC)
30) Simmons College (Boston, MA)
30) University of Colorado (Denver, CO)
30) University of Florida (Gainesville, FL)
34) Georgia State University (Atlanta, GA)
34) Medical University of South Carolina (Charleston, SC)
34) Tulane University (New Orleans, LA)
34) University of Colorado–Denver (Denver, CO)
34) University of Southern California (USC) Los Angeles, CA
39) CUNY-Baruch/Mt. Siani (New York, NY)
40) Indiana University (Bloomington, IN)
40) Texas Tech (Lubbock, TX)
40) University of Kansas Medical Center (Kansas City, KS)
40) Washington State University (Spokane, WA)
40) Xavier University (Cincinnati, OH)

Top Public Health Programs Ranked by US News & World Report (The best MPH programs)

1) John Hopkins University (Baltimore, MD)
2) Harvard University (Boston, MA)
2) University of North Carolina Chapel Hill (Chapel Hill, NC)
4) University of Washington (Seattle, WA)
5) University of Michigan–Ann Arbor
6) Columbia University (New York, NY)
7) Emory University (Atlanta, GA)
8] Berkeley (Berkeley, CA)
8] University of California–Los Angeles
10) University of Minnessota–Twin Cities
11) University of Pittsburg (Pittsburg, PA)
12) University of Texas Health Sciences Center (Houston, TX)
13) Boston University (Boston MA)
13) Tulane Univerisyt (New Orleans, LA)
15) University of Illinois-Chicago (Chicago IL)
16) University of Alabama-Birmingham (Birmingham, AL)
16) Yale University (New Haven CT)
18] University of Iowa (Iowa City IA)
19) George Washington University (Washington DC)
20) University of South Florida (Tampa, FL)
21) Ohio State University (Columbus OH)
21) St. Louis University (St. Louis, MO)
21) University of Arizona (Zukerman) (Tucson, AZ)
24) Texas A & M University System health Sciences Center (College Station TX)
24) University of South Carolina (Columbia, SC)

Top Graduate Programs in Public Affairs: Health Policy and Management

1) Harvard University (Boston, MA)
2) John Hopkins (Baltimore, MD)
3) New York University (New York, NY)
University of Michigan–Ann Arbor
5) University of California–Berkeley
6) Duke University (Durham NC)
George Washington University (Washington DC)
8] Syracuse (Syracuse, NY)
9) University of Southern California (USC)
10) Carnegie Mellon University (Heinz) Pittsburg, PA

List of Health Care MBA Programs in the US

Vanderbilt University (Owen)
University of Penn (Wharton)
Northwestern (Kellogg)
Berkeley (Hass)
Duke University (Fuqua)
Yale University (Executive Education)
Baylor University
Portland State University
Florida International University

US News Rankings for top programs in Health Care Management

If you know of other top health care and health care management MBA programs feel free to leave a comment. Thanks!


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  1. compassioninpolitics / Jan 6 2011 7:28 am

    For further research on health care management careers you might seek out:
    The American College of Health Care Executives (which appears to be an association of health care execs)

    Health Care Management Careers

    National Association of MD/MBA Students
    (even though they have advertising all over their website &
    that a health MBA is not a MD/MBA degree)

    This post on “top” health informatics professors may prove helpful for those interested in health technology/IT which is a new field:

    (notice: the site is otherwise focused on low quality online programs like Phoenix, Walden, and Kaplan–so buyer beware. Although they do have respected universities like Northwestern, the University of Illinois at Chicago, the University of Missouri, and schools which are decent in other areas like Brandeis)

    Finally, feel free to bookmark this article/post for further research & reference as you seek out the right health care management or MBA program for you.

    • Peter Hilsenrath / Jun 24 2012 1:22 am

      The Eberhardt School of Business at the University of the Pacific in Stockton California offers an MBA in Healthcare Management.

  2. Steve Reid / Mar 16 2011 6:07 pm

    Union Graduate College in Schenectady, New York has one of the best Healthcare MBA programs. It routinely graduates impact players.

  3. compassioninpolitics / Mar 22 2012 8:44 am

    41. Cuny Baruch (NY)
    41. Indiana University–Bloomington
    41. Texas Tech University
    41. Kansas Medical Center
    41. University of North Carolina–Charlotte

    Ok….I see you’re ranked at 46, which is certainly noble.

    Also tied at 46 with Union:
    University of Central Florida
    University of Kentucky
    University of Miami
    University of Oklahoma
    University of Scranton
    University of South Carolina
    Washington State University

    • Sally / Jun 26 2012 6:14 pm

      Sally – Hi… I am not in the healthcare domain. I work in the IT sector and have an ungraduate degree in Electronics and Electrical Engineering. I want to shift to the healthcare domain(as a healthcare administrator or a project manager in teh health care side).

      I would like to know if I should pursue a dual degree (MBA – Healthcare and an MS in Health Administration or MPH etc). do you think that would be a better option than just a Healthcare MBA (to have that extra added knowledge of the healthcare domain). Please cna you let me know.

  4. compassioninpolitics / Jun 27 2012 1:16 am


    I’m not sure. I would ask 3 recruiters and 3 health care human resources people in the area–in the area of hiring. That is truly the best way to know. They are going to know your target audience much better than eye–because for most intents and purposes they are it.

    You might also ask the school you are thinking of attending (or say the 3 to 6 you are looking at). Ask them to provide an example of someone–because you want to know more about if their MBA program or other graduate program is really going to transform your life–in order to get your $20k to $40k worth of investment–plus the 2 years of your life.

    I hope thats clear. Please feel free to ask questions….

    Hope that helps,

  5. KANDARP PATEL / Jul 14 2012 10:28 pm


  6. lin / Aug 6 2012 3:59 am

    left out Boston University in healthcare MBA

  7. compassioninpolitics / Sep 12 2012 5:11 am

    I will be honesty, both John Hopkins and Boston University are very respectable institutions–in fact often ranked in many areas.

    Boston University is Ranked 11th by US News & World Report by the Health Management area. To my knowledge this is an incredibly new ranking. (Note: I’ve fixed this)

    I went to their respective webpages and didn’t find any rankings in terms of their Health Care MBA programs. I believe that Hopkins program may be pretty new….I think they are new to the whole MBA space–but they are ranked at 11 as well.

    I will post the rankings below.

  8. compassioninpolitics / Sep 12 2012 5:22 am

    Here are the first 21 of the rankings:

    1. University of Michigan–Ann Arbor
    2. University of Minn-Twin Cities
    3. University of North Carolina Chapel Hill-
    4. University of Pennsylvania (Wharton)
    5. University of Alabama Birmingham
    6. Virginia Commonwealth
    7. Northwestern University/Kellogg
    8. University of Washington
    9. Rush University
    9. St. Louis
    9. Boston University
    11. John Hopkins
    11. US Army/Baylor
    14. Columbia University
    14. Cornell (Ithaca New York)
    14. Ohio State (Columbus Ohio)
    14. Trinity University
    14. UCLA
    14. Iowa
    14. Yale
    21. GWU (DC)

    You can see the rest here:

    This wasn’t an update that I was privy to until just reading the comments.

    The purpose of this post is to help people (as well as to provide legitimacy & rank to the rankings themselves) instead of other lesser known or unreputable schools so that students can make a more effective and objective determination about the future of their lives.

  9. Kathye / Jul 11 2013 11:41 pm

    I just was accepted into the executive doctoral program at Medical University of South Carolina….. Chosen for “executive” perspective which is something to consider in both the MHA , MBA, ……..ranked in top 20s but location and executive program were important in my decision.

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